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Dedicated Software Developers vs Freelancers

When and why you should prefer a dedicated software developer.

Although hiring a freelancer may be your only feasible option for small ad hoc projects, hiring a dedicated software developer is a much better choice for more substantial requirements. Here’s why.

Dedicated software developers

Stable staff accumulate expertise

Our dedicated software developers and other experts tend to be settled into their jobs as permanent employees at our company and they benefit from the employment stability, attractive pay and a supportive work environment. As a result, we have excellent staff retention.

Due to this staffing stability, over time your dedicated expert will become more and more of an expert in your systems, your business, your preferences, and the tasks assigned to them, so will bless your business with greater value each day.

Freelancers, on the other hand, have a more fluid employment situation. That means they may not be available for the long term. They may switch to another client or to permanent employment at any time. They may even go AWOL without notice.

Long-term dedicated software developers
Frustrated with hiring freelancers

Avoid wasting time with repeated recruitment campaigns

Finding a freelancer is time consuming. Finding a good one can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Whether you advertise your position or search through resume repositories, you will need to wade through a high volume of candidates. In fact, it can take so much time and effort to complete this process that it may defeat the purpose of hiring anyone in the first place.

In contrast, when you hire our dedicated software developers and other experts, we take care of the entire recruitment process for you. We find top dedicated experts through an exhaustive talent search (which you can read more about here). When you have a dedicated expert on hand, you simply assign work as the need arises – there is no need to repeat the recruitment process for each new project.

Build a global team in one place

Enjoy the benefits of having your remote team in the one place. When you hire a team of dedicated experts from Support Resort, we can add value by:

  • Providing basic supervision of the team;
  • Optimizing the workflow within your team;
  • Handling shift schedules;
  • Conducting team building activities;
  • Developing leaders within your team;
  • Ensuring team balance and harmony; and
  • Monitoring team performance, attendance and compliance.

The same benefits are just not available if you try to build your global team with a gaggle of disparate freelancers. You may find that you need to spend considerable time coordinating your team, improving cohesion and even resolving conflicts.

Build global team of dedicated software developers
Dedicated to your objectives

Your work is your dedicated software developer's only priority

Your Support Resort dedicated software developer will work exclusively for you so they will always treat your work as their only priority. That means you will always be their first concern.

In contrast, freelancers usually juggle multiple clients and your work may lose priority if they have higher paying, newer or more demanding clients.

Keep your data safe

Not many freelancers are IT security specialists. Left unassisted, the freelancer may take risks with your data that they do not even realize they are taking. Even if they are aware of the risk, they may not know how to eliminate it. When problems occur, they usually have no expert to turn to for help.

We understand IT security. Every dedicated expert’s workstation is fitted with commercial-grade Internet security software and a fully-patched operating system. Other security measures include regular security audits, data protection best practices and physical security measures. If a weakness is ever identified, we have experienced system administrators on hand to harden the system and keep your data safe.

Data security
Senior software developers available

Escalate problems

If you ever have a concern with any aspect of your dedicated software developer's work, we provide an easy-to-access and effective escalation pathway through which our senior staff can intervene and find appropriate solutions for you. You will find us to be genuinely helpful. It is in our nature to feel compelled to comprehensively address any problems that arise. Our senior managers will even roll up their sleeves and get personally involved whenever needed, because we are determined to deliver quality service.

Freelancers work alone so if they are unable or unwilling to solve an issue for you then nobody will.

We provide basic supervision

All our software developers are employees of our company. Although our experts are motivated and hard working, we oversee their attendance and ensure there are no barriers to them being as productive as possible for you.

When working with freelancers, you will need to oversee their attendance and may need to identify and resolve any problems occurring at the freelancer’s end, if you can.

Supervising your developers
Which is right for you?

Which is right for you?

In summary, freelancers may be helpful for short-term small projects which the freelancer can work on alone and which do not require much prior knowledge about your business nor involve sensitive data.

Dedicated software developers are a better choice if you require:

  • Longer-term software developers who can accumulate expertise about your business;
  • A team of software developers, web designers and/or system administrators;
  • Somewhere to escalate problems;
  • Data and IT security best practices; and/or
  • A minimal recruitment burden.

Which remote staff do you need?

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